The Bodensee Players´ presented Tropical Depression, by Jack Heifner and Love Letters, by A.R. Gurney on November 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28, 2003 in the Atrium Theatre.


Tropical Depression

Directed by: Gabi Gerdau

 Janine Michel Hummer
Gloria Sharon Hainer
Producer Janet Wood-Farrer
Director Gabi Gerdau

Love Letters

Directed by: Michele Hummer

 Melissa Gabi Gerdau
Andy Martin Roles
Producer Janet Wood-Farrer
Director Michele Hummer




Tropical Depression
by Jack Heifner

In a slightly seedy resort hotel on a remote Caribbean island, two high-living Texas housewives are enjoying a respite from their rich but boring husbands. They are determined to savor their holiday to the fullest, but nature has other plans. The tropical sun burns them to a crisp, and then a monsoon imprisons them in their tacky room. In between, however, Gloria defiantly spends a great deal of her absent husband's money on various "art treasures," while Janine (a former Miss Texas) blissfully sinks into a voluntary Pina-Colada-induced alcoholic haze. But then something happens which jolts them both back to reality and makes them re-examine just who they are and what they really want from life.


Love Letters
by A.R. Gurney

Melissa and Andy were born to wealth and position. They were childhood friends, had other romantic attachments and yet they continued to exchange letters throughout their college years - where Andy excelled at Yale and law school, while Melissa fails her classes. Both eventually marry, but their correspondence continues. Andy becomes a successful attorney and is elected to the U.S. Senate. Melissa dabbles in art and gigolos, drinks more than she should, and becomes estranged from her children. It's inevitable that they draw closer to each other's separate lives, but only when it is too late do they realize how much they really mean to each other.


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