An Italian Straw Hat
(Un Chapeau de Paille d´Italie)
by Eugene Labiche & Marc Michel

July 18th and 19th, 1997

Murdered to Death


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Virginia--Mme Beaujolais´ maid
Sharon Hainer
Felix--Fadinard´s valet
John Barry
Vezinet--Helen´s deaf uncle
Meredith Harral-Schulz
Fadinard--a young man of independent
means, the bridegroom
Adrian Martienssen
Emile Tavernier--a Captain of Zouaves Allen Hainer
Nonancourt--the bride´s father,
a nursery gardener
Regina Lenze
Helen--the bride
Alice Martienssen
Boby--the bride´s cousin
Jackie Batchelor
Clara--a milliner
Carrie Telke
Tardiveau--Clara´s cashier
Gabi Gerdau
Guests at the Wedding Party
Members of the Cast
La Comtesse de Champigny
a society hostess
Mary Dudbridge
Achille de Rosalba
the Comtesse´s cousin
David Brown
Clotilde--the Comtesse´s maid
Jessica Batchelor
 A Footman  Thomas Blaser
 La Duchesse de Chateau Gaillard  Carolyn Roche
 Mlle Ondine de Chateau Lapompe  Kathy Gilroy-Barry
 Le Duc de Chateua Gaillard  Allen Hainer
 Guests at the Comtesse´s Party  Members of the Cast
 M. Beaujolais  Roland Tanglao
 A Corporal of the National Guard  Carie Telke
 A Man in a Night-Cap  Thomas Blaser
 National Guardsman  Sharon Hainer


Fadinard is on the way to his wedding when his horse eats a straw hat hanging on a bush. The owner of the hat is a former girlfriend who insists that Fadinard buys her a new hat instantly. He sets off to find a replacement hat, followed by his fiancée and all their guests. The play develops into a delirious chase as Fadinard hunts the hat and the guests hunt Fadinard and comic misunderstandings litter every scene. 

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